About us

HerbtoCell represents several brands. Among them you may find such manufacturers as:  Himalaya, Charak, Dabur and  Auroville,. We have chosen the most ecological manufacturers that stand close to the nature. Until West tries hard to develop new technologies, East still cares about healthy lifestyle as it was many centuries ago. Modern Indian farms are full of pure natural products, cultivated and gathered according to ancient Ayurvedic recipes. So why don’t you combine the best things the planet can give? Be progressive as Westerner and healthy as Easterner! Products represented on our website help you to live in harmony with the nature. Those are additives made of pure extracts (herb, fruit, seed), and spirulina of highest quality, which grew up under the hot Indian sun. These essences normalize metabolism, strengthen the immunity and help your body to produce energy for the whole day.

Attention: the products you see on this site are made without any herbicides, pesticides and aren’t genetically modified. They gently turn your organism back to the nature, giving energy and protecting from external inflammations.

Strong health is among the biggest values in life. Supporting it is much easier and cheaper than treatment or rehabilitation. Herbs’ consuming helps you to work productively during the day, relax and have a proper rest in the evening. The results are healthy lifestyle and good spirit.

Becoming our Customer you get all the prerogatives. What we suggest is:

- Quality. Certified production of high level, made according to international standards (we get it from India directly);

- Big choice. Here you can find plenty of nature gifts. Additives for nervous tension reducing, blood pressure normalizing, cardiac, kidneys or brain function strengthening, etc.;

- Quick order processing. Call us or simply leave your request on the website – our consultant connects with you in a short time and manages your order;

- Wide delivery routs. We deliver our product all through the Europe, Canada and USA. No borders, no limits;

- Attentive approach. Since you made your order, your personal manager treats it and cares about the soonest delivery into your country and town.

- Professional counseling. Have some questions concerning this or that product? Doubt what would help you more effectively? Feel free to get consultation of qualified expert by calling us any time.

Lead a healthy lifestyle with HerbtoCell.